Murder and a lightning strike at Eastcote's oldest pub chronicled in new book

The book's cover, thanks to Andy Weller The book's cover, thanks to Andy Weller

The rich and intriguing history of Eastcote’s oldest pub – including a murder, a lightning strike and an Old Bailey trial – have been recorded in a new book.

The Black Horse on Eastcote High Road, a 270-year old building, is the subject of the publication by Eastcote historian and author Andy Weller.

The book published with the Friends of Eastcote House Gardens in collaboration with the sister of the pub’s licensee, Radhika Kharbanda, serves to document the story behind the pub.

This includes the death of a man in the 1750s killed as a result of a fight and how the murderer escaped justice after running away.

Andy told Hillingdon is Here: “This latest publication from the Friends of Eastcote House Gardens details almost 270 years of history at the Black Horse.

“The first traceable grant of a licence to sell beer and ale is 1747. The 1750s saw a murder on the premises. In the 1800s the Black Horse featured in a trial at The Old Bailey and the pub was struck by lightning with tragic consequences.

“Many anecdotes have been collected in relation to more recent times before such memories are lost. There have been many changes over 270 years that the book captures. The pub continues to serve the local community as a traditional pub but offers more besides that.

“People assume that there is another pub that is older than The Black Horse but there isn’t.

“It’s putting the local history into the correct context and making people aware that it is in fact Eastcote’s oldest pub.”

Whilst the murder may be the tale to take the headlines, its history doesn’t end in the 1800s, with more recent events also documented.

Andy said: “There are some anecdotes about things that have happened over the last 40 or 50 years. They’ve been recorded before the memories are forgotten. It’s all about the vibrancy.

“It’ll be interesting to people that use the pub and to people with a sense of wanting to know more. There is a lot of local interest in this sort of publication.”

As an Eastcote resident, Andy was deemed to be the ideal person to write about the unsolved murder and other stories.

He said: “It’s my local, and I have written two books previously on local history for the Friends of Eastcote House Gardens and the sister of the licensee had started off her own project about trying to find out who had been the previous licensee of the pub.

“I was starting to find bits and pieces myself and I was passing that information on to her. And as time went by we started discussing it and we agreed that I would write the book”.

Andy is a volunteer with the Friends of Eastcote House Gardens and has just been appointed as the archivist at the soon to be established FEHG Community Archive.

Andy’s previous books, Eastcote House and Gardens and The Secret Eastcote, have sold hundreds of copies and he believes there is a need for such community history.

The Black Horse Story: Eastcote’s Oldest Pub is available from from The Black Horse, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Lesley Crowcroft, the Chairman of FEHG - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It is on sale for £5 and will be available at future events such as the summer picnic on Saturday 4 June.

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