Uxbridge student on Muslim Community event to combat extremism

Attendees at the Jalsa Salana Attendees at the Jalsa Salana

A report by Ahmad Mansoor

The Jalsa Salana is an annual event held in summer by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to combat extremism, condemn terrorism and denounce all forms of violence committed in the name of Islam.

Faizan Yasin, an undergraduate student at Brunel University said: “I come here for the rejuvenation of my faith… I believe an event like this brings the whole community together. We collectively are able to understand the faith that we are following.”

The three day event in Hampshire is entirely set up and run by roughly 5,000 volunteers within the community, under the guidance of their spiritual leader, His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

Please watch the video for the full report.

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