Uxbridge based former TV show model abused over Paris terror article

An Uxbridge-based former reality TV contestant was told to “burn her passport” after she wrote an anti-racism blog post which attracted the national media glare in her home country.

Amalie Henden, pictured above, who was once a contestant on Norway’s Next Top Model, faced a barrage of online abuse after her article, inspired by the Paris attacks, was picked up by Aftenposten - the largest newspaper in her native Norway.

Amalie, a journalism student at Brunel University in Uxbridge, was attacked for her opinions, with various 'hateful' comments being directed at her on the web, though she also won support from refugees.

Her piece titled 'To My Fellow Countrymen Islamophobes' sparked calls from critics telling her not to return from England.

She said: “After the terror attack in Paris, there was a blog post about the terror attack and Norwegians said they were afraid, and to stop bringing Muslims in. There was a lot of hate towards Muslims.

“I felt that that was unfair because there’s 1.6billion Muslims in the world. If everyone were terrorists, we would all be dead. So I got annoyed and I wanted to fight back, so I wrote it.

“There’s been posts in the comment box that’s saying hateful things, that I’m stupid, that I’m just a blonde young girl who doesn’t know how the world works.”

Despite this, a defiant Amalie said: “It didn’t upset me because I was prepared and I wasn’t shocked.”

Amalie said in the article that she “chooses the world” over her home and she hopes to inspire others of a similar mindset to her to express their own viewpoints.

She said: “The thing to think is that, it’s not the majority of the people of Norway who think like that. It’s a few people that actually write that in the comments and they do not represent Norway.

“I got some messages on Facebook from refugees that have been living over there and they were
thanking me that I wrote it and they feel more welcome.

“Obviously they’ve been reading stuff in the newspaper as well, like translating it. And it’s been a lot of bad stuff against them and they were happy someone spoke up for them. So I hope I inspire others to see it in a more positive way.”

 Picture credit: Linda Susanne Espelans and Line Owren

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