Hillingdon cannabis crackdown: It's illegal for a reason, whether you agree or not, says inspector

Inspector Dave George Inspector Dave George

Police in west Hillingdon have warned those growing cannabis in their own homes that they are the target of a crackdown on drugs in the area.

Inspector Dave George said that in the last month his team have conducted 12 drug warrants on properties suspected of growing cannabis.

In the latest of Hillingdon is Here's regular meet your policemen feature, Inspector George warned anyone growing these plants that “cannabis is illegal for a reason - whether you agree or not it is illegal”.

And turning his attention to other types of crime, he also warned “carrying weapons will land you in trouble”.

He said: “You're much more likely to become the victim of weapons if you carry weapons. It's not worth it. We, the police, will take very robust action on any people that think it is acceptable to carry weapons.”

His comments come as the family of Eastcote murder victim Josh Hanson backed a campaign against knife crime  - read more here.

He also had warnings to residents to be vigilant about opportunitist thieves and called for householders to check their home security this month.

Read on for Inspector George's comments on these matters in full in his exclusive column below.

Meet the police: Inspector Dave George 

What is your name? Dave George

What rank do you hold? Inspector

How long have you been a police officer?

I joined the Metropolitan Police in 1999 after training to be a nurse in East London. I specialised in trauma nursing for 5 years before becoming a police officer.

Role? Safer Neighbourhood Inspector, Hillingdon South

Job Description: Reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, improving confidence and satisfaction in the police.

Area of responsibility?

I am responsible for community policing, problem solving, youth & community engagement for Yiewsley, West Drayton, Brunel, Hillingdon East, Uxbridge South & Uxbridge North Wards and also a Uxbridge Town centre team.

What developments have there been in the last month or so?

We have made numerous arrests for possession of cannabis but recently we have been targeting people who grown cannabis in their homes. In the past four weeks alone we have conducted 12 drug warrants - waking up the occupants with an early morning knock.

What is your main message to residents this month?

Cannabis is illegal for a reason whether you agree or not it is illegal. My officers in the West neighbourhood area have been doing some fantastic work with students to educate them of the facts it is illegal and the harm it can do to ones mental health.

Any developments on the crimes you mentioned in your last column?

In my last blog I mentioned cases of mindless criminal damage and one specific case of criminal damage to Pay & Display machines in the Uxbridge area. The two suspects responsible for those offences went to court and between them both were found guilty of 50 offences of criminal damage.

What is your top tip this month?

Stay safe and enjoy the summer. Hillingdon Borough is an exceptionally safe borough. However with the summer now upon us we can unexpectedly give opportunities to criminals. Remember to properly lock up your home if you're going out.

Ask yourselves these questions:

Have you left any windows open? Can thieves climb into open windows? Are patio doors left unlocked?

Just remember to always lock up when you're going out and prevent giving opportunities to offenders.

What is your message to criminals in the Hillingdon borough this month?

Think about the choices you make. Carrying weapons will land you in trouble. You're much more likely to become the victim of weapons if you carry weapons. It's not worth it. We, the police, will take very robust action on any people that think it is acceptable to carry weapons. It is not.

If you have information about anybody carrying weapons then please please do get in touch with your Safer neighbourhood teams or anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111. We will take action on any intelligence about those who carry weapons.

How do residents keep up to date with what your teams are doing?

All my ward teams have a twitter accounts.

I've attached a list below. You can follow me @MPSHillingWest for daily news and crime prevention advice. I'd love more followers so please do follow me....

Twitter: You can follow me and my teams activity on twitter at @MPSHillingsouth

My teams send out a weekly newsletters to people on our contact database. These are more localised stories and appeals that affect just wards only.

I send out a monthly newsletter with all the highlights of what we have done and crime prevention tips based on emerging crime trends.

If you wish to be added to our community contact database then please do just e-mail me or your ward teams your details and you will then receive our updates.

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