Police seek driver who left scene after car crash outside homes in Ickenham

The barriers by the trees were broken after the crash. The barriers by the trees were broken after the crash.

Story Updated: Friday 28 October 7pm

Police are trying to track down a driver who left the scene of a car crash outside homes in Ickenham on Sunday morning.

A grey BMW 325 collided with wooden barriers along Swakeleys Road, opposite to Harvil Road, in the early hours of Sunday. Residents reported hearing an extremely loud bang at about 5am and they saw police cars attending shortly afterwards.

It is the second time this year the barriers, which are positioned at the same level as the main road, above the houses, have been damaged after a car crash.

The Met told Hillingdon is Here: “The driver of the car made off from the scene. Enquires are in hand to trace the driver.”

There were no reports of any injuries. Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.

There was debris from the collision scattered across Swakeleys Road and the mini-roundabout, as shown below later that day, as well as on the grass verge beneath the barriers.

creash debris EDIT

creash debris2

In March, a car smashed through the protective barrier and hit a tree just a few metres in front of the houses. Pictures below. The driver walked away from the accident and said she was unharmed.

20160308 211116

20160308 211408

Photographs sent in by someone who was walking past the scene of the accident soon after it occurred, showed the wrecked vehicle after it had been manoeuvred off the grass and away from the trees.



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Residents wrote to Hillingdon Council at that time and appealed for better protection, fearing that another accident in future could cause much worse damage to either pedestrians or property.

Officials responded and pledged to replace and upgrade the barriers but the work is yet to be done. They said it would be replaced before the end of October.

Concerned householders told Hillingdon is Here this week that they had contacted the council again to stress the urgency of making the repairs and warning something worse could happen if action is not taken quickly.
Concerns have been raised with the council prior to this year about the barriers. Residents said that other accidents had occurred there over the last decade.

UPDATE: 28 October

Barriers were installed at the front of the crash site by 28 October.

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