Hillingdon Borough to get double the number of police constables by end of this month

The number of Police Constables in Hillingdon is set to be doubled by the end of this month, Hillingdon is Here can reveal.

In a move designed to “make a real visible difference to local policing”, the borough is going to get another 22 police officers.

This means each of Hillingdon's 22 wards will get an extra dedicated PC – doubling the number they have had up until now.

In total this will give Hillingdon 44 PCs and 22 PCSOs.

Currently each ward area in London has one dedicated police constable and one dedicated PCSO.

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The new officers for Hillingdon add to the existing 10 town centre PCs for Uxbridge and Hayes and 48 "flex" officers who are used by inspectors to deal with specific issues.

Hillingdon Council already funds a further 10 officers, with two Partnership Tasking Teams in Ruislip and Hayes.

T/Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove has agreed that all 22 wards in Hillingdon will see the full increase that has been designated by the Metropolitan Police Service by the end of November.

This puts it a year ahead of the rest of London, where the plan is to add another PC to about a third of all wards by December 2016 with a final increase in December 2017. This would mean every ward had two dedicated PCs and a dedicated PCSO.

Colin Wingrove, Borough Commander for Hillingdon Police, said: “I am dedicated to local policing. Visible, approachable officers in their local communities dealing with local issue that matter most to local people is at the centre of how we will deliver policing to you in Hillingdon.

“Doubling the number of dedicated ward officers in Hillingdon will help achieve this and increase your confidence in local policing.”

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