BT sorry after angry broadband customers in Uxbridge blast 'atrocious' service

BT sorry after angry broadband customers in Uxbridge blast 'atrocious' service credit: Ministerio TIC Colombia via

Angry and frustrated broadband customers in the Uxbridge area have blasted BT's customer service, calling it “absolutely atrocious” after some lost their internet connection for days.

After annoyed users took to social media and spoke to Hillingdon is Here to express their dissatisfaction, BT issued a statement apologising for its communication failure.

Internet connections started being lost from Wednesday 19 October, affecting businesses and residents.

Network Rail has reportedly admitted it had damaged network cables, which had lead to disruption for thousands of broadband customers.

Uxbridge resident Anthony Longden was appalled at the way he said BT handled the matter. He was one of many customers who took to social media to express their annoyance.

He told Hillingdon is Here: “They have no problem contacting you when you have to pay the bill but their customer service throughout this whole episode was absolutely atrocious.”

Media consultant and journalist Mr Longden, who was The Uxbridge Gazette's Editor in Chief between 1994-2002, relies on his internet connection for days when he works from home.

The outage badly affected his work, most of which was time sensitive, he said.

The most frustrating aspect of the problem, he said however, for himself and many fellow customers he had spoken with, was BT’s communication. Some have been so upset that they were considering leaving BT for another provider, he said.

“Mainly the issue is communication rather than the problem itself,” he said.

“There was silence from BT.”

Damon Harris, an estate agent at Arron James in Uxbridge, said that he’d been told multiple times by the internet company that it should be fixed “in another hour” but two days had gone by since.

Mr Harris said that setting up an appointment would usually take five minutes, but without the internet it takes an hour.

Without being able to check emails, he said he had “literally got a bunch of notes on paper and I book interviews by texting the address.”

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Brunel University student Stephanie Beaumont, who lives in Hillingdon Road, Uxbridge, said: “For me as a student it’s a massive inconvenience. Obviously I can’t check my emails so I used the data on my phone which is costing me extra money.”

In response to these comments, BT issued a statement, which read: “The repair works on the damaged fibre cables has now been completed, which means that the vast majority of services have now been restored. However, there are still a number of copper lines still affected.

“Our engineers will continue to work to get everyone fully restored as quickly as possible. Due to the complexity of the repair this has been a time-consuming repair.

“We are sorry if any of our customers could not get up to date information.”

BT said it had a team of 6 in the area giving out information leaflet and added it had been working with the council to identify vulnerable customers.

Network Rail had not responded to requests for a comment but reported it had extended apologies to those affected.

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