HS2 officials in Ickenham this week, as concerns raised over Swakeleys roundabout traffic lights

HS2 Campaigners from Harefield and Ickenham at a protest last year HS2 Campaigners from Harefield and Ickenham at a protest last year

Officials from HS2 will be in Ickenham this week, giving residents a chance to ask questions about how the construction will affect the surrounding area.

Fears have been raised over the impact of proposed traffic lights at Swakeleys roundabout and construction sites elsewhere in Ickenham.

Ickenham Residents Association and residents in West Ruislip have raised various concerns about plans to mitigate traffic during the construction of the railway, which the Government has committed to pushing through, despite estimated costs rising to as much as £90billion.

HS2 Ltd is holding an 'Information Event' between 3pm and 9pm in Ickenham Village Hall on Thursday, November 3.

Officials are set to present their conclusions resulting from the ‘Hillingdon Traffic Study’, which was carried out with Transport for London and Hillingdon Council. They have agreed that Ickenham Residents Association can have a stand at these events.

HS2 has suggested it could reduce the maximum daily peak of HGV vehicles to 550 through signalisation on Swakeleys roundabout.

It has proposed to reduce the amount of spoil to be dumped on the fields between Harvil Road and Breakspear Road South by reusing the spoil in the building of the new Harvil Road bridge and Uxbridge golf course. They would also reuse spoil from the West Ruislip tunnel portal on Ruislip golf course, campaigner Brian Adams explained.

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Mr Adams, representing the Ickenham Residents Association and residents in West Ruislip, outlined concerns.

He told Hillingdon is Here: “We do not share HS2’s optimism that the local roads can support their construction activities. HS2’s plans still require over 100,000 HGV vehicle movements on roads which today cannot support the daily commuter traffic and already suffer high levels of air pollution.

“We anticipate widespread congestion from traffic signalisation on Swakeleys roundabout, construction sites in Harvil Road, Breakspear Road South and Ickenham High Road (West Ruislip), significant utility works in West End Road Ruislip and construction sites in Harefield and West Hyde.

“We know from the National Grid utility works in Breakspear Road South in July/August this year any roadworks by any party can cause horrendous congestion.

“The traffic modelling upon which HS2 Ltd is basing their conclusions has not yet been agreed with Transport for London , London Borough of Hillingdon and Ickenham Residents Association and is unlikely to conclude until next year. These traffic numbers are still conditional and could change.”

He also expressed fears over damage to the green belt and said concrete factories were operated in the fields by Harvil Road would risks environmental pollution.

Earlier this year, Boris Johnson blasted HS2 bosses for failing to come up with 'credible' plans to deal with the spoil from the tunnel at Ickenham and claimed they had created a “great deal of confusion”.

Mr Johnson, MP for neighbouring Uxbridge and South Ruislip, expressed “grave concerns” about the £50bn rail project - including the disruption to the area.

In response to his comments at the time, Richard Pain, HS2 Ltd spokesman, said: “Following a request from the Select Committee to look at ways to reduce construction impacts in the Ickenham and West Ruislip area, we are proposing a number of changes to the plans.

“Notably, a new haul road and introduction of traffic lights at Swakeleys roundabout will cut the number of HGVs on Swakeleys Road between Swakeleys roundabout and the intersection with Harvil Road by almost two-thirds.”

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