Ickenham's future: Key meeting ahead of referendum on village plan

The iconic Ickenham Pump The iconic Ickenham Pump

Ickenham residents are being urged to attend a key meeting tomorrow evening about plans for the village's future.

The Ickenham Neighbourhood Forum will be explaining more about its proposals for The Ickenham Plan at its Annual General Meeting at the Village Hall.
Eventually the plan could be put to a local referendum, with all 12,000 Ickenhamers eligible to vote.

The forum is working on “a positive and constructive plan to shape the development of Ickenham over the next 10-15 years”.
The Ickenham Plan will only go ahead following two formal consultations, a detailed examination and a vote by residents.
Below, Chris Mountain, Interim Chair of the Ickenham Neighbourhood Forum, writes about how the plans are shaping up so far.

Residents in Ickenham are the first in Hillingdon to start work on a neighbourhood plan, writes Chris Mountain.

Over 2,000 groups across England (100 in London) have started the neighbourhood planning process, which gives local people more of a say over future development.

The plan is being put together by a group of volunteers called the Ickenham Neighbourhood Forum, who were formally 'designated' by Hillingdon Council in December. The Forum are very keen to recruit new members to help gather local views and then translate those views in a plan for the future of Ickenham.

There is an opportunity for local people to find out more and get involved at the Village Hall:

- Tomorrow (2 March - 7.30pm - 9pm) - Forum AGM - to which anyone who lives or works in Ickenham is invited, alongside the 200 existing forum members.

Hundreds of comments and suggestions about the future of the village have already collected over the past year and this process will continue throughout 2017, with the support of the Council.

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Most comments so far have focused on green spaces, the high street, Hillingdon Circus developments (which fall within the Ickenham neighbourhood area) and the local Conservation Area.
Once the plan has been written, it will undergo consultation and examination before being put to a local referendum, with all 12,000 Ickenhamers eligible to vote. If successful, the plan will become part of Hillingdon's Development Plan - and be used by the Council as the starting point for deciding all local planning applications.

More details are available on the Ickenham Neighourhood Plan website, Facebook page, on Twitter and at Ickenham library.
You can email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Editor's note: The forum held a Bake Off style cake competition earlier this month which raised £60 for the Mayor's charities.

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