Bosses of Ruislip cinema 'not ruling out' 4D screens in future as opening date moved forward

Cineworld bosses are 'not ruling out' fitting 4D screens in future with vibrating seats and smells, with the opening of the South Ruislip complex just weeks away.

Cineworld, which is part of the £49 million Old Dairy development, including various new restaurants and a new supermarket, will open for the first time on July 5 - two days earlier than originally advertised. This is to coincide with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The cinema has 11 screens, with the largest on the site having 317 seats.

ARLA cinema

Pics below showing the new Asda courtesy of

The Old Dairy Gallery 2

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The cinema will not offer a 4DX IMAX experience, featuring vibrating seats and release of scents, despite early reports that it would. The developers had said the cinema would feature 4D tech.

But Shaun Jones, vice-president of operations, offered hope for any customers who were expecting this.

He told Hillingdon is Here: “There is no plan to install 4DX here at this stage. But we are not ruling it out as it can be retro-fitted. It is a very expensive and complex procedure, but it's worked very well for the cinemas that have it. Who knows whether we will revisit Ruislip in the future.

“We are still installing IMAX 4DX across our estate. The cinema industry is buoyant at the moment.”

Robert Ungar, 48, has lived in the area for 14 years, and he was positive about the entire scheme: “I think the development is a nice idea. You've not only got a shopping complex, but homes there too. More homes is always good, as it brings more people into the area. I believe some of these will be low cost houses, which will help first time owners.

“The land wasn't being used and needed to be redeveloped. I don't think that the restaurants on the new site will take too much business away from the smaller restaurants on the high street.”

Resident Kate Coe, 60, was happy with Cineworld's arrival, saying: “There has never been a cinema in Harrow. I live within walking distance, and think the area really needs this. It's a nice modern design, not just a box.”

Christie Garratt
, account executive at the cinema's PR team HK Strategies said there were never plans for 4D installation. She said: “The information on the City Grove South Ruislip website regarding South Ruislip Cineworld hosting a 4DX screen was incorrect information and shouldn’t have been published – it’s since been removed.”

Hillingdon is Here asked developers Citygrove for comment on this. It provided a statement, which read: “Citygrove is looking forward to the Cineworld opening on 5 July which will provide local residents with a wonderful cinema, complementing the retail facilities at the Asda and the restaurants that have recently opened.”

Some 59 jobs are set to be created at the South Ruislip cinema. The venue will have a Starbucks and Baskin and Robins Ice Cream counter. The new cinema will show the latest Hollywood and Bollywood releases.

The Old Dairy Gallery 5

The Arla development includes an Asda supermarket, five restaurants and 132 new homes. The company has also promised to create 530 jobs.


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